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Graphite Parts

High-purity graphite components are crucial to processes in the semiconductor, LED and solar industry. Our offering ranges from graphite consumables for crystal growing hot zones (heaters, crucible su

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Graphite Parts

Graphite in the Production of Semiconductors

No modern life without semiconductors: Computers, power supplies, LEDs, Internet, solar cells – they all only work with semiconductors (e.g. silicon). Components made of specialty graphite are indispensable for many processes in semiconductor production.

This applies to the crystal growing or the subsequent finishing with epitaxy or ion implantation. These processes take place at very high temperatures and in extremely corrosive environments. At the same time, highest purity and absolute precision are required. We deliver graphite-based solutions along the entire semiconductor production route and are one of the leading suppliers to the semiconductor industry with our silicon carbide coating.

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