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Carbon Graphite Electrode

Carbon Graphite Electrode is an important high-temperature conductive material for electric steelmaking.

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Carbon Graphite Electrode

  • Carbon Graphite Electrode

    quality Carbon Graphite Electrode Service

    Using petroleum coke, needle coke as aggregate, coal asphalt as binder, graphite electrode is manufactured with high quality refractory raw material through the production process of calcining, crushing, burden, mixing kneading, extruding, baking, impregnation, graphitization, manufacturing and packing. It is an important high-temperature conductive material for electric steelmaking.

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The graphite electrode is mainly made by graphite material and use the coal and pitch as binding agent. The graphite electrode is produced by calcining, burdening, kneading, compression, baking, graphitization and machining. The graphite electrode is a conductor that releases electric energy as arc to heat melt. We have the PR Graphite Electrode, HP Graphite Electrode, UHP Graphite Electrode. We also have the small size Graphite Electrode which is like the Graphite Rod but has different application. We have Graphite Round , Graphite Crucible, Graphite Plate, casting Graphite Mold.


1. Electrical arc furnace

Electric furnace steelmaking uses the graphite electrode to introduce the current into the furnace and uses the high temperature heat source generated by electric arc between the electric extremes and the charge to carry out smelting

2. Ore-smelting electric furnace

The ore-electric furnace is mainly used to produce industrial silicon and yellow phosphorus, etc. Its characteristic is that the lower part of the graphite electrode is buried in the charge, forming an arc in the charge layer, and using the heat energy emitted by the resistance of the charge to heat the charge.

3. Resistance furnace

The graphitization furnace for producing Graphite Products, the melting furnace for melting glass and the electric furnace for producing silicon carbide are all resistance furnaces. The materials in the furnace are both heating resistors and heating objects.

4. For make customized graphite products.

The graphite electrode material can be used to produce graphite crucible, graphite mold, Graphite Ingot mould, Graphite Heater and so on.

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