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Graphite Heating Element Furnace

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Graphite Heating Element Furnace

Graphite Heater for Heating System Thermal Field Graphite Heating Element


Graphite heating elements are used frequently in high-temperature vacuum sintering furnaces and are also widely used. In high temperature furnaces, graphite parts can be used in vacuum sintering furnaces, graphitization furnaces, vacuum brazing furnaces, intermediate frequency vacuum induction furnaces, high temperature heat treatment furnaces, etc.


The advantages of graphite heating element are as follows:

1. The graphite in the high temperature vacuum sintering furnace has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Compared with ordinary materials, the thermal conductivity is quite high. It is 4 times higher than stainless steel, 2 times higher than carbon steel, and 100 times higher than ordinary non-metallic.


2. The graphite in the high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace has a low temperature resistance coefficient, low thermal inertia, and can be quickly heated and cooled. There are no special requirements during the processing of the workpiece.


3. The high-temperature strength of graphite in high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace is good, and the strength of graphite is much worse than that of metal at normal temperature.


4. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, no deformation, impact resistance, large radiation area, good flexibility and easy processing and installation. In terms of electrical performance, it is easy to manufacture large heating elements, which can increase the voltage and reduce the current. This can save heat loss.


5. Graphite is easy to extract and cheaper than metal.6. Graphite in high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace has some properties of metal and ceramic, good thermal conductivity, good thermal conductivity, but has multiple spaces and small thermal expansion coefficient.

The graphite heating element is the core part of the high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace, and its quality directly affects the performance and operating cost of the high-temperature vacuum sintering furnace. The design of the thermal field of graphite heating element is varied, which specific design choice is mainly based on the specific analysis of the process flow. The graphite heating element of most high-temperature vacuum sintering furnaces includes four main components: heaters and their connecting parts, heat insulation parts (or reflection screens), thermal field supporting parts, and workpiece carrying hearth. These accessories often need to be replaced regularly due to material problems or time problems.

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