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Carbon Graphite Felt

Carbon graphite felt is an ideal material for high temperature insulation in vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces. The needle-punched PAN based carbon and graphite felt is light in weight a

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Carbon Graphite Felt

We supply many types of graphite soft felt, by different fibers and production techniques, into PAN-based, ,RAYON-based and Soft felt for battery.


It is formed by polyacrylonitrile based carbon felt processed in graphitization treatment. It has very small density, high content of carbon, and resists high-temperature without volatilization, good corrosion resistance, small thermal conductivity, good memory of shape maintenance.

It is good for high-temperature vacuum furnace, especially for the material of solar silicon, sapphire and semiconductor. It can also be used as quality filter material under high-corrosion condition.

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