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Carbon Graphite Paper

SGI-GRAPHITES Flexible Graphite Foil and Sheets for Motor Vehicle Gaskets

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Carbon Graphite Paper

We offer a broad range of flexible graphite paper ,foil, tape and gasket sheet grades manufactured exclusively for different motor vehicle sealing applications. They feature high quality and reliability, even under extreme operating conditions allowing for the production of high-performance gaskets especially for high temperature and aggressive media environments.

We achieve this as we use only high-quality natural graphite for manufacturing materials, which is expanded in a thermal process and compressed without binders, adhesives or fillers. Thus, flexible graphite materials are the first choice for static sealing applications for long-term use at high temperatures. Those are used as exhaust, cylinder head and diesel particulate filter gaskets e.g. for automotive, trucks and heavy machinery.


Benefits and properties

  • Long-term sealing characteristics up to 500°C(932°F), up to 550°C when encapsulated e.g. exhaust pipe ring gaskets
  • Soft and flexible, easy to adapt to uneven flanges and surfaces
  • Excellent media resistance
  • Low permeability to gases and liquids
  • Absence of binders means no aging or fatigue under dynamic load even at elevated temperatures
  • Large dimensions up to a width of 1.5 m (60.1”)

Performance and safety provided by quality
the first choice of sealing materials calling for low emission standards, reliability, durability and safety. Our materials - flexible graphite foil just like graphite gasket sheets - show strong resistance to extreme temperatures as well as enhanced sealing characteristics at consistent high quality.

Application-specific products for exhaust gas recirculation systems (EGR) made from flexible graphite foil and tapes are e.g. bearings for EGR valves and seal rings for EGR gaskets and exhaust manifolds.


Resistance and long-term stability
Products made from graphite sealing materials are chemically resistant to the vast majority of media e.g. oils, lubricants and coolants. Oxidation inhibitors are added in some grades to additionally enhance reliability and long term stability.

Processing of flexible graphite foils and sheets
foils and foil tapes have an outstanding workability and are particularly easy to cut, to press and to punch. Like our graphite gasket sheets they are processed into a wide range of sealing products by using various methods.


Wide range of products
Our flexible graphite foils are available in various densities and can be adapted to a wide variety of sealing applications with great versatility: it is suitable for highly automated manufacturing of engine technology gaskets and seals and mass production.



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