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Automatic Wire Cutting Machine

HX series diamond wire cutting machine is a non-metallic hard and brittle material cutting process equipment

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Automatic Wire Cutting Machine

Emery wire cutting machine

  • Working principle

The wire cutting machine in the sand line uses the reciprocating movement of the sand line to generate cutting force between the sand line and the workpiece to achieve the purpose of processing. Therefore, it is necessary to use a special sand line as a tool to cut the workpiece. The workpiece is automatically moved according to the trajectory determined by the program under the control of the numerical control device or computer, and then the workpiece of the desired shape is obtained.


  • Application

The major feature of this processing method is to supplement the non-conductive materials that are difficult to process by the wire EDM machine. In principle, conductive and non-conductive materials can be processed as long as the hardness is lower than that of sand wire. For graphite materials that are difficult to process with wire-cut electric discharge machine tools, the use of this product can particularly show its incomparable superiority; for brittle materials such as ceramics , Epoxy board, ferrite, semiconductor materials, silicon carbide, refractory bricks and other non-conductive materials can be processed.

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