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220VAC 0.37kw Automatic Wire Cutting Machine For Emery Line

220VAC 0.37kw Automatic Wire Cutting Machine For Emery Line

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    0.37kw Automatic Wire Cutting Machine


    220VAC Automatic Wire Cutting Machine


    0.37kw Diamond Wire Cutting Machine

  • Application
    Application: Strapping Wire Harness
  • Function
    Stripping Wire Insulation
  • Wire Material
    PVC Silicone
  • Power Supply
    110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Stripping Features
    Stripping Outer And Inner Core
  • Power
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO , CE
  • Model Number
    Customized products without models
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    plastic packing in export standard woodbox
  • Delivery Time
    10-25 working day
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    1000pcs per day

220VAC 0.37kw Automatic Wire Cutting Machine For Emery Line

Emery wire cutting machine

  • Working principle

The wire cutting machine in the sand line uses the reciprocating movement of the sand line to generate cutting force between the sand line and the workpiece to achieve the purpose of processing. Therefore, it is necessary to use a special sand line as a tool to cut the workpiece. The workpiece is automatically moved according to the trajectory determined by the program under the control of the numerical control device or computer, and then the workpiece of the desired shape is obtained.


  • Application

The major feature of this processing method is to supplement the non-conductive materials that are difficult to process by the wire EDM machine. In principle, conductive and non-conductive materials can be processed as long as the hardness is lower than that of sand wire. For graphite materials that are difficult to process with wire-cut electric discharge machine tools, the use of this product can particularly show its incomparable superiority; for brittle materials such as ceramics , Epoxy board, ferrite, semiconductor materials, silicon carbide, refractory bricks and other non-conductive materials can be processed.


  • Emery line cutting advantage
  • High cutting efficiency. The high efficiency of CNC sand line cutting machine for cutting jade mainly comes from its technical characteristics: the first diamond wire uses a fixed method to combine diamonds. Compared with the free abrasive of the mortar wire, it not only participates in grinding and cutting more diamonds, but also reduces The mutual wear between abrasives. Second, the diamond has high hardness and strong wear resistance, which results in longer cutting and longer service life. Third, the cutting speed of diamond wound tightly by the diamond wire is the same as that of the cutting line, while the running speed of the free mortar is lower than the cutting line.
  • Less material loss and high film yield. The larger the diameter of the cutting line, the larger the slit during cutting, which leads to more material loss. The diameter of the cutting line is the sum of the diameter of the bare wire and the diameter of the abrasive/blade. Due to the strong cutting ability of diamond wire, its coating is smaller and thinner than the mortar formed by mixing cutting fluid and silicon carbide, resulting in less slit loss. In addition, the damage layer caused by the CNC sand line cutting machine is smaller than that of the saw blade, which is beneficial to cutting thinner jade. Thinner wire diameter and thinner slices are beneficial to reduce the loss of jade material and increase the yield of jade pieces.
  • Less environmental pollution. Mortar cutting will produce a large amount of waste mortar for crystalline silicon cutting. The waste mortar contains silicon carbide, polyethylene glycol, silicon powder and metal powder, which poses a greater environmental threat. Some of the silicon powder with a particle size of less than 0.15μm is in contact with water or humid air. It will react quickly and release flammable gas hydrogen and heat. If not properly used and disposed of, it will cause serious pollution. The diamond wire uses water-based grinding fluid (mainly water), which is conducive to improving the working environment and simplifying the subsequent processing procedures such as washing.


  • HX emery wire cutting machine features

HX series diamond wire cutting machine is a non-metallic hard and brittle material cutting process equipment, which is used in the field of cutting or dividing non-metallic hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, jade, graphite, monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, silicon carbide, etc. .
● The ring-shaped diamond sanding line is used to realize the grinding and cutting of the material. The workpiece is placed on the XY carriage, and the whole process is realized automatically through the motion control system; various forms of cutting (cutting) equipment can be customized according to the actual working conditions of the customer Or automated cutting and cutting production lines.
● The user can freely configure the cutting slice thickness, cutting stroke, cutting speed, number of slices and other series of parameters according to the characteristics of the cutting object.
● The equipment has auxiliary production management functions such as production data storage and cutting quantity records, which is convenient for users to arrange and check the workload in the production process.
● HX series sand line cutting machine is equipped with a variety of standard models for customers to choose according to their own business characteristics, and accept customer's customized requirements for special specifications.
● It can be applied to sand lines of various diameters to meet the cutting requirements of different fields: Φ0.35 ~ Φ0.75
● Cutting quartz glass can achieve a cutting efficiency of 1500mm2/min; cutting graphite can achieve a cutting speed of 3~6mm/sec (height 100mm).


Standard ModelX


(Material Width)


(Cutting height)


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  • FAQ
  • How to choose sand wire cutting machine?
    1. Judge the quality of the sand wire cutting machine according to the scale of the manufacturer of the sand wire cutting machine. Compared with the small-scale manufacturers, the manufacturers with large production scales have more complete production equipment and are more efficient in processing equipment. .
    2. Observe the fuselage structure of the sand line cutting machine. Different machine models have different work efficiency. For example, some sand line cutting is "English fork type" machine tool structure, and some are "C type" machine tool structure. Choose the sand line cutting machine type that meets our requirements for your own production needs.
    3. Check the production indicators of the sand wire cutting machine. This is the most basic quality requirement index of the sand wire cutting machine. It needs to meet the standards, and its parts need to meet the standards. This is also how we judge the quality of the sand wire cutting machine. One of the standards.
    4. Whether the power control of the sand wire cutting machine is flexible and controllable, this is the key factor for the normal operation of the sand wire cutting machine, and also an important guarantee for our normal use of the sand wire cutting machine, so the power control requirements for the sand wire cutting machine , We also need to pay attention.
    When choosing a sand wire cutting machine, we need to consider all factors. We will update it regularly for more fresh information about the sand wire cutting machine.
  • Which type of wire is better for sand cutting machine, thick one or thin one?
    1. The same machine tool uses different specifications of sand lines to cut the same material. Under the same processing efficiency, thick lines have better surface roughness than thin lines. In the case that the processed material is not expensive, it is recommended to use thick wire cutting.
    2. The thickness of the sand line is the size of the slit. The smaller the slit, the finer sand line should be selected. The size of the slit directly affects the loss of processing materials. To achieve the same cutting flatness and roughness using thick and thin wires on the same sand wire cutting machine, when using thin wires, the cutting speed should be slowed down. This situation is suitable for cutting expensive materials.
    3. The rougher the surface of the electroplated sand line is, the more uneven it is, the better the cutting force, the longer the service life; the more even the surface particles are plated, the weaker the cutting force, and the shorter the service life.
    4. The rougher the surface of the electroplated sand wire is plated, the rougher the cut surface of the workpiece; the more even the surface of the sand wire is plated, the smoother the surface of the workpiece is cut.