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Flexibility Semiconductive Graphite Parts No Oil Cavity

Flexibility Semiconductive Graphite Parts No Oil Cavity

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    Semiconductive Graphite Parts


    Flexibility Graphite Parts


    Flexibility Semiconductor Graphite Parts

  • Semiconductor Graphite Parts
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    Ease Of Processing,ease Of Use,flexibility
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    Customized products without models
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    plastic packing in export standard woodbox
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Flexibility Semiconductive Graphite Parts No Oil Cavity

Semiconductor Graphite Parts


  • Working principle

The ion implanter is one of the high-pressure small accelerators with the largest number of applications. It obtains the required ions from an ion source, and obtains an ion beam with an energy of several hundred kilovolts after acceleration. It is used for ion implantation of semiconductor materials, large-scale integrated circuits and devices. It is also used for surface modification and manufacturing of metal materials. Film etc.


  • Processing flow

• Cleaning: Ultrasonic cleaning for 10 minutes. Use pure water, resistivity ≥2MΩ-cm.
• Drying: No oil cavity, 2 hours, temperature ≥200℃
• Packing: no bare hands, semiconductor grade isopropyl alcohol wipe, pure grade tools, separate HDPE and bubble film packaging, vacuum heat sealing bag, plastic corrugated board base
• Labels: clean room printing labels, double-layer labels for inner and outer packaging, semiconductor-grade dust-free label paper

  • Application

Ion implanted graphite parts are one of the semiconductor applications. Fine-grained and high-density graphite exhibits strong corrosion resistance under extremely harsh working conditions (such as ion beam bombardment or plasma beam) and can be used as a shield. Similar to Eaton, Axcelis, Quatum, Varian, Nissin, AMAT, LAM and other equipment.

In the semiconductor industry, high-purity graphite mainly exists as a heating system, insulation cover, electrode, etc. The use of high-purity graphite for these parts also makes full use of the high-purity graphite's high temperature resistance. The advantages of high-purity graphite, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and electrical and thermal conductivity, have been applied to the semiconductor industry, which makes the work piece longer life, more wear-reducing and energy-saving. Our company uses German semiconductor grade graphite materials to precisely manufacture graphite consumables for ion implantation, providing standard parts and customized specifications.
High-purity graphite can be used as a low atomic number material according to the characteristics of uniform and fine particles. It has strong bombardment resistance to ions and plasma, strong corrosion resistance, high purity, no metal ions, no pollution to semiconductors, and metal parts exposed In the ion implantation equipment will cause high loss, so use the corresponding graphite part as the shielding cover. Parts for plasma cvd plasma vcd susceptor, electrode chamber, nozzle, lining, sputtering electrode, movcd susceptor, etc.

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