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High Temperature Black 1.85gG/Cm3 Graphite Components

High Temperature Black 1.85gG/Cm3 Graphite Components

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    1.85gG/Cm3 Graphite Components


    Black ISO Graphite Components


    1.85gG/Cm3 Carbon Graphite Parts

  • Chemical Composition
    Graphite And Carbon
  • Density
    1.75-1.85 G/cm3
  • Color
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    Size Requested
  • Grade
    Indurstry Grade
  • Usage
    Industry Usage
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    ISO , CE
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    Customized products without models
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    wodden cartons or meet customers' requirements
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    10-25 working day
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    1000pcs per day

High Temperature Black 1.85gG/Cm3 Graphite Components

High temperature industrial furnace Graphite thermal insulation components


In the production process of vacuum furnace, graphite material has won a wide application market because of its unique characteristics. The graphite parts on the vacuum furnace include: heat insulation carbon felt, graphite heating rod, graphite furnace bed guide rail, graphite guide nozzle, graphite guide rod, graphite connecting piece, graphite pillar, graphite furnace bed support, graphite screw, graphite nut and other products.



Heat insulation carbon felt / graphite felt (soft felt / hard felt): it has very high strength and can be flexibly used to strengthen bending resistance, closed hoop and shear resistance, with outstanding fatigue resistance; the material has light weight and small thickness, which basically does not increase the thickness of the matrix after reinforcement; it has good flexibility and can wrap complex external forms; it is suitable for various adverse environments such as acid, alkali and chemical corrosion (itself pollution-free), which conforms to the requirements of environmental protection.


Graphite heating rod: according to different working conditions, we select the most appropriate graphite material to process and make graphite heating rod, and comprehensively consider the use effect, service life, production cost and other factors, so as to achieve the best cost performance ratio of graphite heating rod. The graphite heating rod can also be selectively treated with anti-oxidation treatment to improve the use effect and prolong the service life.


Advantages of graphite furnace bed guide rail: low maintenance rate, no need of lubricating pipeline system and equipment; long service life, long-term automatic maintenance of the rail surface lubricating oil film protection; greatly saving the cost of lubricating oil; easy to cleaning, no waste oil leakage, environmental protection.




Advantages of graphite element:


The graphite elements has the property of high temperature resistance and high strength. The strength of graphite is much worse than that of metal at room temperature, but with the increase of temperature, the strength of graphite will be higher than that of all oxides and metals;

Graphite is easy to get and cheaper than metal;

Graphite has some properties of metal and ceramics, good conductivity, thermal conductivity, multi void and small coefficient of thermal expansion, so graphite becomes one of the most thermal shock resistance materials;

Graphite has small resistance temperature coefficient, low thermal inertia, and can be rapidly heated and cooled;

There is no special requirement in the process of work piece processing, which is more suitable for the application of vacuum furnace heating body. It is an excellent heating body of vacuum furnace, with the advantages of high temperature resistance, no deformation, impact resistance, large radiation area, good flexibility, and easy processing and installation;

In terms of conductivity, it is easy to make larger heating elements, which can increase voltage and reduce current, thus saving heat loss.