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Fuel Cell 100Mpa Graphite Bipolar Plate High Strength

Fuel Cell 100Mpa Graphite Bipolar Plate High Strength

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    100Mpa Graphite Bipolar Plate


    High Strength Graphite Bipolar Plate


    100Mpa Carbon Graphite Plate

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Fuel Cell 100Mpa Graphite Bipolar Plate High Strength

Graphite Bipolar Plate


Working principle

Graphite bipolar plates, also known as graphite collector plates and graphite separators, are one of the important components of fuel cells. Graphite bipolar plates play a role in providing gas flow channels in fuel cells, preventing different gas traditions, and establishing current paths.
Graphite material is a bipolar plate material that was developed and utilized earlier. Traditional bipolar plates mainly use non-porous graphite plates, and the grooves are processed by machining. The graphite bipolar plate has low thermal expansion coefficient, good thermal conductivity, stable chemical properties, good corrosion resistance and strong electrical conductivity. However, the brittleness of graphite causes processing difficulties, and at the same time restricts the reduction of the thickness of the graphite plate, and it is easy to produce pores during the manufacturing process, so that the fuel and the oxidant can penetrate each other, so other substances must be added to improve battery performance.


Our advantages

Choose high-strength, high-density, high-purity, and fine-grained graphite material. After the impermeability treatment, the craftsman graphite bipolar plate has stable chemical properties, is not easy to be wetted by electrolyte, has sufficient flexibility, and has good sealing effect. Low resistance, good conductivity, easy to process.


Technical configuration

Density:> 1.95g/cm3
Resistivity: <8 mΩ.cm2
Air leakage coefficient: (minimum thickness 0.3mm, 1kg negative pressure airtight)
Compressive strength:> 100 Mpa
Flexural strength:> 65MPa
Shore hardness: 60 -65 SSH
Recommended operating temperature: 300°C



A fuel cell is a chemical device that directly converts the chemical energy of the fuel into electrical energy, also known as an electrochemical generator. It is the fourth power generation technology after hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power. Because the fuel cell converts part of the Gibbs free energy in the chemical energy of the fuel into electrical energy through an electrochemical reaction, it is not limited by the Carnot cycle effect, so it has high efficiency; in addition, the fuel cell uses fuel and oxygen as raw materials; There are no mechanical transmission parts, so there is no noise pollution and very few harmful gases are emitted. This shows that from the perspective of energy conservation and ecological environment protection, fuel cells are the most promising power generation technology. Graphite bipolar plate is one kind of the fuel cell electrode plate.