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Wear Resistant 40*5mm Graphite Rope Packing High Temperature

Wear Resistant 40*5mm Graphite Rope Packing High Temperature

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    40*5mm Graphite Rope Packing


    Wear Resistant Graphite Rope Packing


    40*5mm High Temperature Rope

  • Size
  • Model Number
  • Pressure Rotaing
    15 Bar
  • Pressure Static
    150 Bar
  • Product Name
    Soft Seal PTFE
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  • Certification
    ISO , CE
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    Customized products without models
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    wodden cartons or meet customers' requirements
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    10-25 working day
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    1000pcs per day

Wear Resistant 40*5mm Graphite Rope Packing High Temperature

40*5 mm Graphite rope Graphite cable Graphite packing wear-resistant high temperature and high pressure sealing packing

Long-lasting lightning protection graphite grounding electrode is made of high carbon graphite wire and carbon fiber through advanced production process. It is a non-metallic conductor, which is cable-like, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, no rust, high current impact without counterattack, stable grounding resistance. Water resistance, high and low temperature resistance, high strength, environmental protection, climatic conditions, easy installation, no electrical welding, no anti-corrosion measures, easy to use, no renewal, no maintenance, labor saving, time saving, environmental protection, saving Materials, energy, funding. The product is light in weight, low in dosage and remarkable in effect, saving land resources and construction costs, energy saving, environmental protection, anti-theft, especially suitable for acid soil, alkaline soil, marshland, hot and humid zone, beach and alpine hills, construction difficulty, soil resistivity .
1. The flexible graphite grounding body grounding wire has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, rust resistance, thermal stability and high strength of stainless alloys, and has graphite thin corrosion resistance, rust resistance, high current impact resistance, stable ground resistance, and easy The characteristics of soil fusion, fast discharge of lightning current to the earth, non-magnetic permeability, resistance to direct lightning strike induction pulse, and protection against secondary effects of lightning.
2. High strength, tensile resistance, compression resistance, frost resistance, folding resistance, high and low temperature resistance, stable performance, safety and reliability, and long service life of 30 years. Maintenance-free and update-free projects during use, saving land, materials and expenses. Prevent theft and human damage. The graphite composite grounding material has low secondary use value, which can effectively prevent human theft and destruction.
3. This product is welded with a special stainless alloy electrode. The high temperature of the welded joints during welding will remove the residual carbon in the alloy, which will improve the anti-corrosion performance. Protection process, simple installation and construction, saving labor and time.
4. The cable can be looped, convenient to carry, install and construct, and can be extended indefinitely in high-resistance soil until the required length of grounding resistance is reached, and no welding is required for extension.
5. In the manufacture and use of this product, it is environmentally friendly and does not pollute the environment.
6. It has a wide range of applications, and can be used in a variety of industries such as electricity, railways, telecommunications, chemical engineering, ancient trees and ancient buildings. The products are more suitable for use in high-salt, high-acid-base, and high-earth resistance areas, reducing resistance and anti-corrosion effects. Obviously! It is not limited by climatic conditions in use.
Soil resistivity(ᾨ/m)
Ground resistance(ᾨ)
Reference dosage(m)



1.According to the design requirements of Party A's drawings during construction.
2. Installation and construction under the guidance of the company's technical department.
3. The grounding electrode is connected by lap joint, and the lap length is 10 times of the diameter of the grounding electrode.
4. The bottom of the grounding electrode is required to be flat, without gravel and debris, and stratified and compacted with fine wet soil when buried.
5. Prevent the sharp object from scratching the grounding electrode, protect the surface of the grounding electrode from conduction and the leakage layer from being damaged.
6. Steel pipe sheathing must be used when crossing the roadbed.
7. When the product is used in a special environment, the joint needs to be reinforced. 8. In areas with high soil resistivity, if the grounding resistance does not meet the design requirements, a physical resistance reducing agent can be used on the basis of increasing the length of the grounding body.
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