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Excellent Bending Strength Anti Corrosion Graphite Boat For PECVD

Excellent Bending Strength Anti Corrosion Graphite Boat For PECVD

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    PECVD Graphite Boat


    Anti Corrosion Graphite Boat


    PECVD High Density Graphite Boat

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Excellent Bending Strength Anti Corrosion Graphite Boat For PECVD

Graphite Boat


Ø Working Principle

PECVD: It uses microwave or radio frequency to ionize the gas containing the film constituent atoms to form a plasma locally. The plasma has a strong chemical activity and is easy to react to deposit the desired film on the substrate. In order to enable the chemical reaction to proceed at a lower temperature, the activity of the plasma is used to promote the reaction, so this CVD is called plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD).

As one of the most commonly used processes for coating, PECVD is widely used in the production process of semiconductors and solar cells. As the carrier of silicon wafers, graphite is one of the most ideal materials. It plays a vital role in the uniformity and color difference of the surface coating. It requires high purity, corrosion resistance, excellent bending strength and good electrical conductivity performance.


Ø Our Service and Advantage

Provide customers with high-quality and cost-effective tubular PECVD graphite boats, related accessories and maintenance services.
Provide customers with graphite boats used on various equipment.
With a professional technical support team, we can solve any customer related technical problems about graphite boats and their applications.
Various non-standard graphite boats, non-standard process points, special graphite spacers, and special ceramic parts can be provided according to customer needs.
1. Adopting the production technology that eliminates "color film", no "color film" is produced in long-term process production;
2. It is made of high-purity graphite material imported from German SGL, with low impurity content and high strength;
3. The ceramic assembly uses 99.9 ceramics, which has strong anti-corrosion performance and is not easy to burst;
4. Adopting precision processing equipment and employing senior technicians to ensure the accuracy of each accessory;


Ø Graphite boat operation and maintenance

​ Before entering the PE furnace tube, check whether the graphite boat is in good condition again. It is recommended that the normal time of pretreatment (saturation) is 200-240 minutes; as the number of times and time of graphite boat cleaning increases, the saturation time needs to be extended accordingly. It is recommended not to pre-process in the empty boat state, it is best to install fake or waste films; although the operating procedure is longer, the pre-processing time can be shortened and the service life of the boat can be prolonged. 1. Storage of graphite boats: graphite boats should be stored in a dry and clean environment. Due to the void structure of the graphite itself, it has a certain degree of adsorption, and a humid or polluted environment will make the graphite boat after cleaning and drying easy to be polluted or damp again.
2. The ceramic and graphite parts of the graphite boat components are all fragile materials, and should be avoided during handling or use; if the components are found to be broken, cracked, loose, etc., they should be replaced and re-locked in time.
3. Replacement of graphite craft stuck points: According to the frequency and time of use, and the actual shadow area of ​​the battery, the graphite boat craft stuck points should be replaced periodically. It is recommended to use the special replacement card point equipment provided by Shanghai Hongjun for disassembly and installation. The operation of the equipment is beneficial to improve the speed and consistency of assembly and reduce the risk of boat damage.
4. It is recommended to perform number management on graphite boats, designate and implement regular cleaning, drying, maintenance, and inspection, and designate special personnel for management; to maintain the stability of graphite boat management and use. The graphite boat that is cleaned as a whole should be regularly replaced with ceramic components.
5. When the graphite boat is maintained, it is recommended that the components, boat pieces and process card points be provided by the graphite boat supplier, so as to avoid damage during the replacement process due to the component accuracy cannot match the original boat.
6. For any questions and suggestions during the use of the graphite boat, please contact us in time.



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