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Five major industrial uses of graphite molds

May 18, 2019

As graphite mold has many unique and excellent characteristics, it is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, electrical and textile etc.

1. Graphite molds can be used as conductive materials in industry.

This aspect is mainly used in the use of electric arc furnaces or submerged electric furnaces to smelt various alloys. The strong current will be introduced into the smelting zone of the electric furnace through the electrodes of the graphite mold to generate an electric arc. At the same time, the electric energy is converted into heat energy to increase the temperature, which can reach the smelting and

Reaction production conditions.

2. Graphite molds can be used as corrosion-resistant structural materials in industry.

Because the raw materials in the graphite mold have good corrosion resistance, it can often be used in stainless steel and other products.

3. Graphite molds can be used as compression molds and casting molds in industry.

Because of its relatively small coefficient of thermal expansion and good heat and cold resistance, it can be used as a mold for various glassware and can save a lot of metal.

4. Graphite molds can be used as lubricating and wear-resistant materials in industry. Because it is almost impossible to use lubricating oil to improve the wear resistance of sliding parts under conditions of high temperature and high pressure, but graphite molds can.

5. Graphite molds are used as refractory materials in industry. Because graphite molds have better high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, many metallurgical furnaces can be lined with carbon blocks. In addition, various precious metals and graphitized crucibles also use the performance of graphite molds.

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